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Another name for brow lift is forehead lift. Aging affects the entire face. Some areas, such as around the eyes, have more obvious aging changes. The eyes appear to be the most affected because they have so much expression and, therefore, patients often come in requesting eyelid cosmetic surgery. Quite often, however, the more significant problem lies within the eyebrows. As we age, the eyebrows descend; especially the outer part or part closer to the temple which falls much more than the part of eyebrows closer to the nose. Take a look at most older people and you will see this to be true.

Most people do not realize it, but the descent of the eyebrow is largely responsible for what we think of as an old looking face. In the youthful face, especially in women, the eyebrow is located above the bony rim of the eye socket. With aging, the eyebrow falls to the level of the rim and often below the rim becoming almost part of the upper eyelid. Even more dramatic is the fact that the outer eyebrow falls much more than the inner eyebrow giving the typical appearance of aging. You can try this on yourself. Stand in front of a mirror. Take your fingers and elevate the outer part of your eyebrow. Most likely, this will create a more elegant and youthful look. It also tends to help the aging problems of the upper eyelid. This is what a properly performed brow lift will do.

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