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Another name for breast lift is mastopexy. Female breast ages over time like any other part of the human body. In the youthful breast, the breast tissue is held up by suspensory ligaments. Over time and with the changes associated with childbirth these suspensory ligaments stretch and the breasts become saggy. The first thing a woman notices when her breasts begin to sag is change in the nipple position. In youth, the nipples are pointed directly forward. With aging, the breast tissue sags and the nipples begin to point downward.

The second thing a woman notices is a loss of fullness in the upper part of the breasts. This results in a significant loss of cleavage. Often the woman will resort to under wire bras or other special bras to lift up the breast to reclaim the cleavage that she once had. With aging, there may or may not be a loss of breast volume, but there certainly is a change in breast positioning. This is why a breast lift can be so helpful. By regaining proper nipple positioning and cleavage, not only does a woman look more youthful but she feels younger as well. The mind is very powerful. It is common for us to hear a woman say that she feels great until she looks at her breasts in the mirror and realizes her breasts look old and saggy. The fortunate thing is that this can be remedied predictably and safely with a breast lift.

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